Friday, May 29, 2015

Fields of Honor 2015

Fields of Honor 2015 will again be hosted at the Stoney Creek Inn in Johnston, Iowa. Come enjoy some historical and fantasy wargaming, RPGs, and a great bunch of people September 25th, 26th, and 27th!

Stay tuned for game signups and early-bird registrations...

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Museum/Hall of Fame to Honor Gary Gygax, RPG creators, Fantasy Authors/Artists/Designers‏‏‏‏‏

Many in the gaming world owe their thanks to the creator of Dungeons and Dragons. As an entertainment community we owe a lot to the creators of Role Playing Games. Movies, comics, books, video games, and the social media were all made possible due to modern RPG’s. Modern Gaming, even video games, would not be what they are today if it had not been for the creative efforts of the RPG celebrities who created the modern Role Playing Games. “Its time to give back to the game we love so much, preserve its past, and give to the future” Ernie Gygax Here is a chance to give back and help preserve this history for the future. If you could spread the word on social media it would help a lot. If you would like to know more or be more involved please contact us asap. The DRAGONWARS OF TRAYTH Kickstarter project has been created to help raise funds to achieve this goal. Our stretch goal is to buy a building in Lake Geneva WI to be a MUSEUM to honor the creative works of Gary Gygax and many other Modern RPG visionaries. THE LINK BELOW IS A SHARED FOLDER FOR A FULL MEDIA KIT CLICK BELOW THE MUSEUM WILL- HOST SPECIAL EVENTS WITH RPG CELEBRITIES CONTAIN GALLERIES OF UNIQUE RPG HISTORICAL ITEMS HAVE A HALL OF FAME FOR AUTHORS, ARTISTS, DESIGNERS, AND GAME MASTERS PROVIDE A FREE GAMING HALL FOR RPG GAMING OPEN DAILY PERFORM THEATRICAL REENACTMENTS OF CLASSIC SCENES FROM RPG ADVENTURES PROVIDE A CENTRALIZED LOCATION FOR NATIONAL TOURNAMENTS FOR RPG GAMES Ernie Gygax has said concerning the need for a museum; “If we don’t do something to preserve it now it’s going to die off soon. Old school gamers are dying every day.” We have located two potential sites in Lake Geneva, WI that would be excellent locations for the museum. The center of the modern Role Playing world would once again be where it all started. Neither of the locations are cheap, but both would provide a place to collect and display personal collections and rare items relating to Role Playing Game history. The RPG museum would contain galleries of unique items showing the creation process and evolution of the games. Not just Dungeons and Dragons, but all genres of RPG’s would be memorialized in a way both educational and fun. The rich history of the games would be preserved for future generations. The RPG Hall of Fame would have sections to memorialize its best designers, players, and artists. A full section for the best characters, and stories behind them, to share the epic quests that no author would think of, but our DICE and collaboration of minds experienced in the many hours of playing . There will be something for everyone to appreciate: the players, GM’s, authors, artists, larpers, and designers. Many of us owe our livelihoods, and hours of entertainment, to RPG’s, which all started with Ernie’s father. That creation spawned many more versions of RPG’s that millions of players enjoy every day. RPG’s are more than just a game. They are social experiences unlike any other ever created in gaming. It allows people to creatively and cooperatively interact with each other to achieve a goal. It teaches us organizational skills, motivates kids to read, write, and use math, and develops problem solving skills we use all our lives in many ways. In the realm of our adventures we can be who we want to be without shame or ridicule and be equals on the playing field. The idea for a game system that allows a 7 year old kid to play a powerful wizard all began and grew from the RPG original designers in Lake Geneva, WI. Modern RPG’s are a uniquely American concept that deserves to be memorialized in the place where it all began. For years the different genres have grown and competed for the market share. It’s time to set aside the differences and unite to create something we can visit, enjoy, and be part of. Let’s work together to see this dream, of many of us, come true so its unique history can influence the future. If you have any question please contact DRAGONWARS OF TRAYTH

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fields of Honor 2014

The annual Fields of Honor Gaming Convention is September 26, 27, 28 2014 at the Stoney Creek Inn in Des Moines, Iowa. Come enjoy some historical and fantasy wargaming, RPGs, and a great bunch of people!